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Concrete Repair Philadelphia

The need for expert concrete repair services is in the bustling heart of Philadelphia, PA. The city's sidewalks, patios, driveways, and concrete walkways endure a lot, from the weight of daily foot traffic to the unpredictability of weather. 

As the city's premier concrete repair specialist, our masonry company understands the nuances of local construction materials and techniques. We're not just another concrete contractor; we're a team of dedicated professionals with roots deeply embedded in the City of Brotherly Love.

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Concrete Repair Philadelphia

Understanding the Issues with Concrete

In Philadelphia, APS Masonry is your trusted partner for top-quality concrete repair services. Our expert team understands the unique challenges posed by the city's weather and heavy use, securing your sidewalks, patios, driveways, and walkways are both durable and visually appealing.

We handle everything from minor cracks to major structural issues, using the best materials and techniques customized to Philadelphia's needs. Improve your property's safety, appearance, and value with our reliable, efficient, customized concrete repair solutions. Contact APS Masonry today for a free estimate and experience exceptional craftsmanship.

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Cracks on your concrete surface might seem minor initially, but they can evolve into major issues affecting your property's appearance and value. 

Cracks: A smooth concrete surface is a testament to solid and competent construction. However, over time, even the sturdiest of surfaces can display cracks. These are not merely cosmetic concerns. Cracks can evolve from hairline fractures to more prominent gaps, threatening the structural integrity of the entire concrete slab.

Lifting: When parts of a concrete slab or concrete patio begin to lift, it's usually a sign of underlying issues. Lifting can be attributed to various factors, including ground movements, root growth, or water accumulation. Neglecting this can lead to potential tripping hazards and uneven surfaces. 

Spalling: Characterized by a pitted or flaky concrete surface, spalling is often a result of freeze-thaw cycles or the use of incompatible materials during the initial installation. If left unchecked, spalling can degrade the aesthetic appeal of your driveway, or patio. 

Sinking: Over time, sections of concrete slabs may begin to sink due to soil erosion, inadequate soil compaction, or water runoff. Sinking impacts the appearance of concrete walkways and patios and creates potential pooling areas.

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Concrete Repair Philadelphia

Why Concrete Issues Happen

Concrete is durable and robust but not immune to wear and damage. There are many reasons why a concrete structure might show signs of deterioration. From natural environmental factors to human-induced wear and tear, the causes can be diverse. 

These issues can be even more pronounced in a city like Philadelphia, with its distinctive climate and bustling activity. Here are some of the major reasons why concrete can become damaged: 

Weather and Environmental Factors:

Philadelphia's unique climate presents a set of challenges for any concrete surface. The city experiences various weather conditions, from sweltering summers to frosty winters. 

Concrete structures, such as driveways, walkways, and patios, constantly adapt to these temperature fluctuations. The expansion during hot weather and contraction during cold can cause stress on the concrete, leading to cracks and other structural issues. 

Additionally, the city's location is susceptible to coastal moisture and inland weather patterns, each posing challenges.

Ground Movements and Installation Issues:

The very foundation upon which a concrete slab or patio rests is crucial. Ground movements, be it due to natural shifts in the earth or localized factors like tree root growth, can cause lifting or sinking. 

Moreover, poor initial installation plays a significant role in the longevity of the concrete. Using subpar materials or inadequate techniques during the initial phase can lead to many issues, from spalling to severe cracking. 

Ensuring that every concrete project begins with the right foundation and quality materials is crucial to avoid these pitfalls.

Wear and Tear Over Time:

No matter how well-constructed, every concrete surface faces the inevitable wear and tear. The constant tread of feet, the weight of vehicles, and even the elements play their part in wearing down the surface. 

One of the most significant contributors to wear and tear is water seepage. Water finds its way into the tiniest of cracks, and during the freeze-thaw cycles, this trapped water expands, causing the crack to widen. Over time, this can compromise the entire slab or structure, making timely repair and maintenance paramount.

Homeowners and business owners can make informed decisions about maintenance, repair, and installation by understanding the various factors leading to concrete issues, especially in regions like Philadelphia.

Our team of professionals is always ready to guide and provide solutions tailored to these unique challenges.

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Why Choose Our Services

Philadelphia's distinct climate and environmental challenges require a specialized approach to concrete repair. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of these local conditions, ensuring that each project, whether a concrete patio in a residential area or a massive concrete slab in a commercial zone, is executed with precision tailored to Philadelphia's needs.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. We use only the best materials in all our concrete repair services. High-grade materials combined with our advanced techniques ensure that every concrete surface, whether a driveway, sidewalk or back patio, stands the test of time and retains its beauty and functionality.

From minor crack sealing to major concrete slab replacements, our range of services caters to every conceivable concrete issue. Our team can tackle projects of any scale, ensuring that residential and commercial clients receive the care and attention they deserve. 

We understand the importance of budgeting for any repair or renovation project. Our competitive quotes ensure you receive outstanding value and quality work at a reasonable price.

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. APS is dedicated to completing projects in a timely manner, ensuring minimal disruption to your routine. Whether a simple concrete walkway repair or a more extensive concrete patio renovation, we aim to deliver top-notch results swiftly.

At the heart of our business is a deep-seated commitment to our customers. We're here to offer concrete repair services and build lasting relationships. Our growing list of satisfied customers in Philadelphia exemplifies our dedication, with many highly recommending us for future work and additional projects.

Regarding concrete repair in Philadelphia, we aim to be your go-to contractor. Our reputation for quality craftsmanship, transparency, and dedication ensures that every finished project reflects our commitment to excellence.

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Concrete Repair Philadelphia

Repair and Renovation Options

We provide a comprehensive range of concrete repair services. Whether you're looking to redo a concrete section of your home completely or need minor repairing concrete tasks, our professional concrete contractors are up for the job. Check out our blog on the pros and cons of concrete here. Here are some of the more specialized services we offer for concrete repairs:

Sealing Cracks:

Regardless of size, cracks can significantly affect any concrete structure's durability. Sealing cracks is a primary intervention method. The process involves cleaning the crack to remove debris and applying specialized sealants to bond with the concrete.

These sealants are usually epoxy or polyurethane, offering flexibility and strength. By sealing cracks promptly, you can prevent water infiltration, further deterioration, and potential structural issues. The benefits are obvious: extending the lifespan of the concrete, maintaining its aesthetic appeal, and preventing potential safety hazards.

Mudjacking & Slabjacking:

Both Mudjacking and Slabjacking are tried-and-tested methods for lifting and leveling sunken concrete. The process involves drilling small holes into the concrete slab and then pumping a mixture (mud for Mudjacking and a more substantial, typically sand-based mix for Slabjacking) underneath. Mudjacking and slabjacking elevate the concrete back to its original position. 

Elevating the original concrete is beneficial as it is less invasive than a complete replacement, is cost-effective, and can rapidly rectify issues like uneven walkways or patios. Mudjacking and slabjacking are most suitable for scenarios where the concrete is in good condition but has only suffered sinking or minor settlement.


Resurfacing offers a solution for concrete surfaces that are structurally sound but have superficial damage or wear. The process involves cleaning the existing surface, applying a primer, and then laying a thin layer of a concrete mixture, giving it a brand-new appearance. 

Resurfacing rejuvenates the appearance of your concrete without the need for a complete replacement, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution. This method is ideal for areas with cosmetic damages, like discoloration or minor pitting, ensuring they look pristine once more.

Full Replacement:

Sometimes, the extent of damage to a concrete structure necessitates a full replacement. This option is considered when the concrete has extensive, deep cracking, severe settling, or structural compromise. 

The entire process involves removing the damaged concrete, prepping the area, and pouring new, high-quality concrete. While this method may be more time-consuming and costly upfront, its long-term advantages are undeniable. A full replacement ensures a longer lifespan, improved safety, enhanced aesthetic appeal, and, often, an increase in property value.

Our concrete repairs include everything from sealing cracks to resurfacing entire concrete slabs. And when it comes to bigger projects like retaining walls or stone pointing, we're the experts in masonry concrete work and construction that Philadelphia residents trust.


Commercial Services

At APS, we understand the unique demands of commercial concrete projects. Our services extend beyond residential fixes, catering to the diverse needs of businesses in Philadelphia. 
Whether it's fortifying the foundation of a new office building, repairing sidewalks outside a retail space, or enhancing the durability of industrial concrete floors, our team is equipped with the expertise and tools to handle projects of any scale.

We prioritize safety, efficiency, and quality in all our commercial undertakings, ensuring your business's infrastructure stands strong and looks impeccable. Partnering with us means choosing reliability, timely execution, and unparalleled professionalism in all things concrete.

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Your property deserves the best; we're committed to delivering just that. Whether it's a minor touch-up or a major renovation, our team at APS stands ready to transform your concrete spaces. Don't let those cracks or damages linger any longer. Reclaim the beauty and durability of your concrete structures today.

Remember, when it comes to concrete repair in Philadelphia, APS is the smart choice for quality, reliability, and excellence.